a science fiction romance

Newbie agent must rescue veteran before his cover is blown.


I have the rights back to ONE RED SHOE. I will be re-issuing this book this fall. New cover and lower price. 

​Daria’s life is too predictable. Nothing ever happens in her small Iowa town. But when she travels to NYC looking for a little excitement, she never expects to find a wounded spy. For Sam, nothing is worse than getting shot in the butt—except accepting help from a tourist. As they flee cross country with assassins on their tail, she wants to believe they belong together, while he’s convinced she’s better off without him.

Genna Nogaro, new to the Coalition of Planets’ Intelligence Commission, is assigned to bring in an undercover operative in Hallart’s organization. More experienced agents died before getting him out. Were they killed by the intergalactic gangster or has the operative gone rogue?

Quintall d’Sernin, con man extraordinaire, infiltrated the mob and moved up to be the gangster’s right-hand man. Hallart has his tentacles throughout the Coalition—business, industry, and government. Quin’s finally worked himself into a valued position. All he needs is the key to mob structure in order for Coalition forces to take down the entire organization.

Genna will pose as a new recruit to distract Hallart long enough for Quin to find the key. If they work together, they can accomplish more. But Quin and Genna’s lives are jeopardized by a mole in the Intelligence Commission. Will their true roles be revealed before they accomplish their goal?

Coming this Fall.

Diane Burton ~ Author